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Lisa Crosier Skincare has a new site and a new location!

It’s so gratifying when a project starts out with a vision, and the creativity and synergy between the team makes it come to life. In this case, the vision was to give Lisa Crosier Skincare a site that matched her skincare studio’s fun personality, while emphasizing the serious skincare she and her team of estheticians provide.

Lisa is a Francophile, which is evident when you walk through the doors of her new location in downtown Bellingham. Touches of France and Paris are everywhere, from fleur-de-lis accents to the miniature Eiffel Tower in the window. I teamed up with designer Karen Burroughs of Bayside Web Design who included this same feeling in Lisa’s new website.

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Great Web Content Connects

Meanwhile, my web copy connects with readers and evokes the feeling of France, with headlines like “Bon jour, Belle!” and “You’ll see, feel and love the difference in your skin.”  At the same time, the copy makes it clear that the studio is 100% Bellingham, with hundreds of satisfied clients, a talented and highly trained staff, and the very finest quality skin care products. The result is a clean and easy-to-navigate site with beautiful photos and straightforward information that invites visitors to learn more and—most importantly—inspires them make an appointment for skin care services.

The project would not have been such a success without Lisa’s input and enthusiasm. She appreciated that I understood what she had been trying to convey on her website but had never actually been able to in the past. And, she loved that I was able to communicate through the web copy just what makes Lisa Crosier Skincare the place to go for professional skin care in Bellingham. Her team was also a joy to work with. Their love of skin care and level of know-how and professionalism is immediately evident.

Website Content, Web Content, Web Copy

I highly recommend Lisa Crosier Skincare. They are absolute experts at what they do, and they’re super nice people, too! It’s a winning combination for your skin.


Lisa Crosier Skincare
117 West Chestnut Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

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