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You’ll hire experts to build your website.Hire an expert to write it.

After all, if the web is for communicating, then crafting your content is the most important part.

Don't give the writing short shrift

Sprout Creative writes content that will get you noticed and leave an impression. Well-written, targeted storytelling that arouses curiosity, surprises and delights. That invites your audience to care about your company.

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This is your business we’re talking about. Your content should invite your customers to participate and become part of the conversation—not lose them before they know how awesome you are.

Keep them coming back for more...

More useful content

More products & services

More awesomeness

So you have more opportunities to build an audience and establish your authority as the go-to solution they need.

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Turn to Sprout Creative for copywriting that:
Fuels your business.
Helps customers make decisions.
Delivers an authentic story to build trust and inspire action.

Content that does its job. So you can succeed at yours.

Who hires sprout creative?

As a Bellingham copywriter, I work with a wide variety of clients, like colleges and universities, web designers, marketing departments, ad agencies, tourism boards, non-profits and businesses of all sizes.
You might hire me for:

  • Websites

  • Feature Articles & Blogs

  • Social Media

  • Press Releases

  • Ads

  • Video Scripts

...Even Pizza Boxes

The Work

  • Bellingham Technical College

    • Web Content Writing
    • Copyediting
    • Content Development
    See the Work
  • Varvid

    • Newsletters
    • Copywriting
    • Copyediting
    See the Work
  • OnMerit Marketing,    LG Interiors

    • Web Content Writing
    • Content Development
    • Copyediting
    See the Work
  • Peter James Web Design, HCS

    • Web Content Writing
    • Content Development
    See the Work
  • Bellingham Technical College

    • Brochure Copywriting
    • Copyediting
    See the Work
  • Schultis Sundberg, Inc.

    • Brochure Copywriting
    • Creative Development
    • Project Management
    See the Work

Why Work with Sprout Creative?

  • Experience

    I’ve been working in marketing and advertising for over fifteen years. My experience can help you reach your business goals.

  • Clarity

    I have a knack for clearly communicating exactly what you do, who will benefit from your products and services, and why they should choose you. You know, all the things you’ve been trying to say, but haven’t yet found the words.

  • Strategy

    I’m well versed in content strategy. So when you need to plan your content for maximum impact and ease of use, I can help.

My work has been recognized by my peers, but more importantly—greatly appreciated by my clients.

“Teresa translates the essence of my clients’ messages into clear, rich content that compels site visitors to read more. She always provides us with exactly what we need, without fail. Teresa is sharp, savvy, detailed and strategic; everything I look for in a professional copywriter."

Peter James, Web Designer

"Teresa’s creativity far exceeds my expectations. She is responsive and sensitive to deadlines. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a copywriter who thinks outside the box, brings inventive ideas to a campaign, and has a superior quality of work!"

Terell Weg, Management Services Northwest

"Teresa is one of the best freelance writers I’ve ever have the pleasure to work with. She is a talented wordsmith who brings an enthusiastic, can-do attitude to every project. She is reliable and detail-oriented, and her commitment to quality shines through."

Shay Tressa DeSimone, PR Syndication

About Teresa

I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on, from the morning newspaper (including classifieds) to the ingredient list on our cereal boxes.

In high school, I loved essay exams (NERD!).

I studied business and writing in college, because I’m equally geeky about literature, creative writing, accounting principles and spreadsheets.

I’m a huge fan of dogs, bikes, running, local businesses, good wine, craft beers (check out my blog!), and amazing food. I’m lucky to live in a spectacular place that allows me to enjoy all of them and be inspired every day.

From the time I was a kid, I’ve loved reading advertising copy. Writing it is my dream job.

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